fascicle stretch therapy
If you’ve found yourself particularly sore after a hard workout or a long flight you likely know that stretching is key to help get you moving again, BUT did you know that there’s a way to take that stretch a step deeper?

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) can take stretching to a whole new level but working WITH your fascia not against it which helps unlock a deeper and more connected stretch from the inside out. Regular assisted stretching can not only improve quality of life, but also improve performance for everyday athletes and competitive athletes alike.

What Is Fascia

The fascia is the netting around all of your muscles, tendons and bones. The fascia links everything together. So the fact that your muscles are tight has everything to do with the fascia that surrounds it. If your fascia is restricted, this can lead to restricted movement patterns that lead to injury, poor posture and pain. 

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Why Fascial Stretch Therapy Works


With FST the therapist works with your fascia not against it. Using techniques such as traction, oscillation and circumduction we can “reset” the nervous system. This nervous system response is the restriction or pain pattern that the body recreates. The stretch therapist can help your body find a new response and allow your body to let go. Most of us have been stuck in a fight, flight or freeze response.


Life is challenging and we all could use a “reset” from time to time. Allowing a stretch therapist to stretch your body slowly and without pain will give you the recovery your body is craving. 


Whether you work out regularly or not, giving your body time to recalibrate the nervous system is the optimal gift to yourself, and our Certified Stretch Therapists are ready to help you #FindYour100! Click here to book your appointment or give us a call TODAY to see if you qualify for a FREE 25 Minute Introductory Stretch.



Member testimonials


“After a recent hamstring injury, I decided to add Club Recover stretch therapy to my tool box for a faster road to recovery. The injury had created other imbalances in my body. The Club Recovery stretch sessions became the perfect way to restore symmetry to my body. Each stretch therapist listens to my needs and responds throughout the session releasing stuck and sore spaces. The fascial stretch sessions alleviated my injury aches, but also relaxed and reset my whole mindset.” – Sheila, Age 44


“I wasn’t sure what to expect from (fascial) stretching when I started, but quickly realized it is just as important as my exercise routine. I have had two back surgeries and have nerve damage in my left leg. Which limited my mobility and I was constantly stiff. After working with Clay for a few weeks, I noticed a difference in my daily life. I am more flexible than I have been in years. I sleep better and I believe my workouts are more efficient with my improved mobility. I look forward to my weekly sessions with Clay! I recommend stretching for anyone not just people with mobility issues.” – Brad, Age 53