Asking the question “How’s that working for you?” is a quick self-assessment of the choices you’ve been making in wellness, movement, and lifestyle. It’s a way to look at what you are doing and your behaviors as evidence.

For instance:

  • Did that crash diet focused on restriction really get you meaningful long-term results… or did it lead to a week full of binge eating and satisfying cravings that erased any gains?
  • Did talking about your back hurting and taking ibuprofen solve the problem? Or would you have been better-suited working on stretching and moving more?
  • Did buying all new workout clothes and reading about fitness get you doing workouts and creating routines? Or do you just have clothes gathering dust now?
  • Did that new elk-antler supplement really get rid of unwanted belly fat for good? Or would a few evidence-based cryo skin treatments at Club Recover have done the trick instead?
  • Did eating large quantities of fast food really cure your hangover from a fun night in St. Matthews? Or could that have been accomplished with a relaxing IV session with us at Club Recover (okay maybe I’m grasping at straws here…)

I am not intending for you to spiral into sadness with these questions, but rather use this line of questioning when you find yourself in the same patterns and behaviors that do not align with what you really want.

This questioning process is called outcome-based decision making: you assess and decide what to do based on the results those actions will get you.