What are you doing right now to stay at 100%?

Club Recover is a wellness club experience that offers a one stop total body recovery solution. 

We provide a wide variety of science backed services that are guaranteed to make you feel better not only when you leave but at your best everyday afterwards. 

Whether you’re looking to recover after a tough workout, a long flight or a fun weekend, our state of the art technology and recovery specialists have everything you need to get back to 100% and feeling happier and healthier than ever. 


Sauna | Cold Water Immersion | Red/NIR Light Therapy | Compression Therapy

We offer evidence-based services to improve the health of your mind and body. It’s well known that exercise creates mild stress that makes us healthier and happier.  In a similar way heat, cold, and red/NIR Light create mild stress that helps make us physically stronger and mentally calmer.


We offer assisted fascial stretch therapy. Our stretch therapist will take you through a one-on-one session focusing on not only relaxing the body but the mind as well. We utilize a technique that focuses on the connective tissue that intertwines throughout the whole body. Our sessions are never painful but will leave you feeling like a new individual. 


We offer Cryoskin services, specifically Cryoslimming, Cryotoning and Cryofacials. Cryoskin services are non-invasive, using cooling technology to freeze and destroy fat cells and reduce fat instantly, without pain! Cryoskin is used to burn fat cells, boost collagen production and improve the skin’s appearance where applied.
There are three types of Cryoskin treatments: Cryoskin Slimming, Cryoskin Toning and the Cryoskin Facial. At Club Recover, all three services are available.


We offer IV Nutritional Therapy for improved health.  Dehydration can cause a loss of strength, power and endurance, causing fatigue, gastrointestinal discomfort and headaches. IV hydration decreases recovery time for athletes or party goers.